From cocktails on the porch to dinner with friends and family, ambience is everything. And achieving that perfect balance of subtle scents and illumination starts with the fire you bring to the table. That’s where we come in. With an emphasis on aesthetics that are versatile enough to fit into your unique decor, and scents that bring a subtle magic to any space, La Reine candles will take any moment from basic to beautiful.

Made from natural ingredients and crafted with a passion for artistry, the La Reine candle collection began as a project of inspired curiosity by founder, Ilanit Marks. While she may humbly shy away from the title of artist, her eye for design and flair for the original drove her to create these unique centerpieces as a passion project. What started out as a burning curiosity quickly became a business driven by her desire to bring good vibes to any setting.

Whether you keep them lit for hours, or simply let them stand on their own as complimentary sculptures, Ilanit Marks’ creations are an effortless way to bring modern luxury  to every room in your house.


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