Burnt Orange & Cinnamon infused with gentle fragrance


Fragrance: Cinnamon, Sage & Citrus or Unscented


Style: Curved or Straight-edged glass


Vitrine Collection Introduction:

Our vitrine candles are individually handcrafted with tender care and remarkable precision.  Each candle is truly a unique piece of art that can last you forever. Most candles in this collection are offered in a straight-edged or curved-edged display.  When the inner candle reaches the end of its burning life, the outer glass display, flowers intact, serves as a beautiful luminary - simply place your favorite tealight inside and watch it glow.

Burnt Orange Slices & Cinnamon

  • To ensure a steady flame and a soot free burn, trim the wick to a quarter inch before lighting.  After the end of its burning life, simply place a tea light at the bottom of the glass, transforming the candle into a beautiful, everlasting luminary.


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