Pasty White Botanical Pillar embedded with Blue Caspia infused with gentle fragrance


Fragrance: MoonLake Musk or Unscented


Botanical Collection Introduction:

Our botanical candles are individually handcrafted with tender care and remarkable precision. Each candle is truly a unique piece of art that can last you forever. Should our long-lasting candle reach the end of its burning life (we challenge you to try!), the outer shell remains and serves as a beautiful luminary - simply place your favorite tealight inside and watch it glow.


Blue Caspia

  • To get the most out of your candle be sure to let the first burn last between 4-5 hours, or until the melt pool reaches the outer layer (about half an inch in from each side for round; a quarter of an inch for square). To ensure a steady flame, trim the wick to a quarter inch before burning. If you follow these instructions the candle will produce a gorgeous translucent effect free of soot. Lastly, as the candle reaches the end of its life, let the last half inch or so remain and you will be left with an everlasting luminary - simply place your favorite tea light inside the shell and watch it glow.


    *Pro Tip: If candle is burning unevenly it means one of two things: 1) It is resting on an uneven platform 2) There is a draft in the room; either way no worries- simply rotate the candle ever so often


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